Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Post 1: Learning Styles

In the past, I have heard many people talk about learning styles, which basically means that people
can learn better in different ways. Some examples of learning styles include visual (learn best by
seeing pictures/illustrations), auditory (learn best by hearing sound), and kinesthetic (learn best by
hands-on experiences). I have always thought that this is a reasonable claim and that I am mostly a
visual learner, but now I understand that this is not exactly the case. After seeing that there are several
studies which prove that the learning styles claim is false, I realized that I was not always a visual
learner, and only thought that because of the idea of learning styles being stressed to help me study.
In other words, certain methods of studying work best depending on what you are learning. For
example, this basically means that you would not listen to a description of a country’s shape in order
to learn about it, because it is better to look at a map. Studies show that there is a lack of evidence
that one specific learning style will help you when studying, so it is likely better to use a combination
of multiple as shown in the venn diagram below.

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