Thursday, April 30, 2020

Post 3 - Graphology

Graphology is using handwriting to try and determine the personality and/or emotions of someone. They mainly are looking at the way that your strokes are. They may be erratic and sharp, or smooth and flowing. The erratic writing symbolizes stress or anger, while smooth represents being calm and happy. I can see a few discrepancies in this theory. I tend to write differently depending on where I am. The way my writing looks sitting at a desk in class is very different from me doing work in my bed with my laptop resting on my chest. I also get very sloppy when rushed taking notes, but write a lot neater on exams and quizzes. I could possibly be stressed in both of these situations, but the fact that I have more time to sit and control my thinking on an exam will probably make me write a lot neater. You may also forcibly write very legibly for a project that you put on public display. You will write neatly so everyone can read your work without confusion, but it would not signify your emotional status.

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