Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Post Two

An issue that is arising with COVID-19 is all of the claims about it. Some of these claims are people who think that COVID-19 is a man made virus that came from a lab in China, while President Trump voiced that injecting cleaning product may be the solution to COVID-19. Both of these claims have caused negative impact on personal lives and to the country. During this time spending false information can cause even more panic to the situation. It is reported that a third of Americans think that COVID-19 came from a lab, with so many believing this and most likely spreading this information to others. This panic can cause people pointing a finger at China, where those who believe this think the lab is there, and cause unnecessary tension. The panic can also lead others to believe that the world may be going to war or other claims. Another negative impact is when Trump suggested that a solution to treating the virus would be injecting cleaning product. This claim led to a man drinking cleaning product, but his condition is unknown. Also many poison control centers are reporting more incidences with cleaning products. This can lead many people being sent to the already overcrowded hospitals and more at risk for catching the virus.

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  1. That business insider article was very interesting! I think the rumors about COVID-19 being a made up virus are false, people always want to attach conspiracy theories with events that occur in our life.