Monday, April 27, 2020

Out of Body Experiences. Post #1

Out of body experiences can be described as the belief that the mind is able of leaving the physical body to enter a higher realm or reality. A majority of people may experience this at night, in the middle of their sleep. Many describe the feeling of OBES as paralyzing or floating. On the other hand, many people have accounted experiencing these OBE's in the middle of the operating table. Studies made by Wilder Penfield discovered was able to repeatably executed the mental state in his eliptic patients by using electrical stimulation in seizure prone points during surgery. This stimulation was able to create vivid hallucinations of people, places and things. Experiences that occur in the operating room are linked to the drugs used in anesthesia. Many described being able to watch themselves from a third-person point of view. In Nanci Trivatello's Ted Talk "How out-of-body experiences could transform yourself and society" she recalls a story in which her aunt and uncle left town for a trip to San Paulo, Brazil. That same night she experiences an OBE and witnesses her uncle lying in bed connected to a tube system, in the middle of a surgery. When her aunt and uncle returned home from the trip she explained to her aunt what she had seen. Trivatello's aunt quickly changed the subject. She later overheard her aunt discussing to her mother that she never told anyone that she went to San Paulo to complete her uncle's surgery. How could Trivatello have seen her uncle in that state when she was still back home in her small town of Jacutinga. Now a days consciousness research is stronger than ever before which creates a new field of play for philosophers and scientists.

What is an OBE(Out of Body Experience)? and What can I do to ...


  1. The Ted talk was super fascinating and you proved some interesting ideas

  2. I enjoyed watching the link you provided of the Ted talk. I personally think Trivatello's out of body experience wasn't true and she probably had another way of knowing about her uncle.