Thursday, April 30, 2020

DC Post #1: Graphology

Graphology is the study of handwriting and how it can give us an inside look into one's personality. At least that is what some claim it can do. Back in high school I had a chemistry teacher who before worked as a forensic scientist and who took a course in handwriting analysis. Here is a link to some of his notes that he provided me with: Handwriting Analysis. Many of these points were also stated in the video in the presentation. The idea that ones penmanship can determine who they are is complete nonsense. There are several factors as to why someone writes a certain way. I for example know that when I'm rushing tend to connect a lot of the letters and squish my words together more than when I am calmly writing. Does that mean I suddenly become a more logical person who doesn't want to be alone in that moment? It's also a shame that your handwriting can determine where or not you get a job, below is a video of James Randi and an expert graphologist. I don't believe decisions like job acceptances should be based on such a trivial thing.

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