Thursday, April 30, 2020

Aromatherapy and essential Oils Post #2

Around the world, people believe that the Essential Oils have the magical powers to heal pain and even illnesses. Although, with proper use essential oils can help you relax or even, help get rid of a zit, There is no proper evidence that essential oils can cure any disease and cannot replace medical treatment. Many people may think that essential oils may be harmless. In fact, essential oils can cause even more harm if not used in the proper manner. It is important to mix the oil with a proper base, other wise it can cause a burning sensation. Some oils may be harmful to people with sensitive skill, children, and pregnant women. My experience with essential oils left me surprise. It was the first day of the spring semester and I realized that a small cold sore began to form on my lip. I had to move fast before the bump became an erupting volcano.  The last time I had a cold sore it lasted almost two weeks. A few weeks before, I had gotten an essential oils kit from my cousin for Christmas. I did some research before applying it to my skin. Oils such as tea Tree can be found in many people's skin care routines and skin care products. I even found an academic article that proved that the use of tea tree oil can reduce the duration of a cold sore for up to nine days. I gave it a shot and mixed it with a chapstick base. my cold sore was gone in three days. I was astonished, this was the first time I've ever even used essential oils and I suddenly became the "Anti-vax mom" preaching about how this tiny bottle saved my life and can save yours too! In reality, that is not the truth. With proper research, knowledge, and use essential oils can be used to treat acne or a coldsore. It can not be used as a replacement for vaccines, medical treatment, sicknesses, diseases, cancer, depression or clinical anxiety. Especially not through the use of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help boost your mood! the sweet smell of sandalwood may remind you a warm memory. Lighting a candle before you study can help you focus. Taking a warm bath with lavender can feel tranquil. Always remember to do your research before use.

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