Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Post 1: UFO Abductions

When people experience traumatic or otherwise strange occurrences their minds seem to jump to unlikely conclusions, especially when it involves aliens or something that cannot be explained.  Since the growing popularity of UFO and alien depictions in various movies and television shows there has been an increase in sightings all across the world.  Of course strange things happen everyday, but it is not coincidence that the number of encounters with aliens have increased as the amount of TV shows being produced about them have.  This can be related to recalling past events as many people who have been "abducted" may not be remembering what they would describe as accurate details.  When they are interviewed about what occurred they may be lead on by suggestive interviewing and leading questions. It is easy for anyone to believe in life altering fantasies to occur during an event that one may not be able to explain, especially someone who already has esoteric beliefs.

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