Friday, October 16, 2015

Did the Moon Landing Really Happen?

On July 20, 1969, something monumental occurred. The first landing on the moon. The moon landings were aired on TV, children sit in their school seats absorbing the video, and pictures from the landing are plastered into our minds.
But, still, there are plenty of people talking. Why would the government lie to us about something so big? But either way, Red Hot Chili Peppers still sing, "space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement." 
Conspiracy theorist love to talk about the way the American flag waves in the vacuum of space. The famous picture of them planting the flag into the moon shows ripples and waves as if a nice breeze just passed by. But there are no breezes in space. On the other hand... people say that the ripples are caused by the reaction force of them shaking the aluminum pole.
Ever heard of Stanley Kurbick's "2001: A Space Odyssey"? That movie came out in 1968- a year before the real landing. Some people claim that after having seen the movie and its amazing effects and visuals, the government persuaded Stanley Kubrick to direct the moon landing videos. Some people claim that the government persuaded Stanley Kubrick to direct the moon landing videos, and "2001: A Space Odyssey" was a practice run. Stanley Kubrick is known for the way that he slides in little symbols and hints in his movies, too. In "The Shining", it is noted that Danny wears an Apollo 11 shirt in one film, and the famous "all work and no play..." on the typewriter, the "All" looks like "A11" which is Apollo 11.
One more theory among hundreds of others, deals with the slow motion walking and jumping. It is said that if you take the speed that the astronauts are walkings and increase it 2.5 times, it is the speed of average walking on Earth. As for people who laugh off conspiracist and say that if it truly was filmed on Earth, how do the astronauts jump so high? Conspiracist will respond by bringing up hidden cables. Some even say that you can see them in certain photographs.
As for the why: people claim that 1969 would be a perfect time for something so big to come out and raise the morale of the Vietnam-stricken United States. 
Who knows. Maybe it is a lie. Or maybe we will all be living on the moon some day soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The theory goes that there are only a certain number of combinations of particles possible. There's only so many possible combinations, and in a large enough universe, all those bits are inevitably going to wind up in the same place and create another you. Scientists don't actually know how big the universe is. If it happens to be infinite, which some think it is, then the fact that you have a cosmic twin is downright certain. It's not likely that you'll ever cross paths. Science's prediction is that your doppelganger lives about 10 to the 10^28 meters away. In movies, you always see that fight between the devil and angel versions of the characters. What if there really is a good and bad version of you?

Friday, October 2, 2015


Unidentified Flying Object. A.K.A. the UFO. You've read newspapers and online about their sightings, and videos claiming there's a UFO on film. So the question is, are these sightings and pictures real or photo shopped with lies? Well it's the latter. There's a reason why the photos are always blurred or fuzzy. To make it seem realistic without having proof available to show it's a lie. These fake UFO's are mainly a way to grab people's attention, as theorists believe people will believe anything they think they see. Basically if people think what they see is real, they will believe its real. If people can apply basic logic to these conspiracy theories, then they can figure out the real truth behind this so called rubbish.