Monday, April 27, 2020

the jersey devil post #1

The story of the Jersey Devil is one of the most well-known tales ever told. If you live in New Jersey, chances are, you've heard this story. The story of the Jersey Devil is that he was the 13th child of the Leeds family who was deemed the devil. He was born on a stormy night who was struck by a curse. He had a head like a horse and the wings of a bat. Apparently, he terrorizes the Pine Barrens to this day and has been "spotted" in many places, including Galloway! The real story is that Daniel Leeds, a visionary quaker, published an almanac titled, "The Temple of Wisdom", which was disliked by the Quakers. His son, Titan Leeds, eventually took over the almanac. Shortly after, Ben Franklin started selling his almanacs by creating stories about the Leeds family. Ben Franklin stated that his ghost was still alive, thus the Jersey Devil.

 Daniel Leeds 

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