Monday, April 27, 2020

Tyler Bolich's Post #2 Graphology?

     I had never heard of the concept of Graphology. Despite the obvious pattern each lecture in this course had, I am ashamed to admit that I was initially taken by the concept. Watching that first buzz feed video had me making conclusions about myself based on my haphazard handwriting. Of course, the longer the video goes, the more absurd the claims become. What did it in for me was that depending on where you cross your t could indicate your level of confidence. The fact that this concept could at first fool a well educated person like me is one, embarrassing, and two, interesting. I think that really lends to proving how a concept like this could be believed by so many people. The statistics the videos showed, on businesses using graphology as a bases for hiring people, chilled me to my core. My handwriting is...less then perfect. Losing a job opportunity over something arbitrary like that would be soul crushing. Fortunately, the video was older, and I have no doubt that the practice of Graphology as criteria for new hires has surely gone down.
Example of my fantastic handwriting.

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