Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Post One

Before the quarantine I flew out to Arizona to visit my boyfriends family with him, but since I was in Arizona when the quarantine was put in place I have found myself here for over a month. A couple of nights ago there was a meteor shower and while we were waiting for it to start, my boyfriend and I were seeing all the airplanes, satellites and what he thought a UFO. He saw that there was something that looked like a star but would move side to side and up and down before putting itself back. After this happened we decided to research about UFOs in the area and found some interesting stuff. I found the National UFO Reporting center and saw that Arizona 2910 cases reported and within 2020 has had 2 reported sightings in the town I am in, Mesa. The latest one was February 15th and was seen for two hours, "A hovercraft that would fade away when approached by other aircraft and reappears after. It has appeared multiple nights in the same sp(ot)" ( Another one was seen a couple of weeks prior but for only a couple of minutes. I am not sure how these claims are verify, but regardless these people may or may not have seen these. UFO is still a topic that is up in the air about if it is real or not to many people but to support those who believe in it, very recently the Pentagon released videos on UFOs. One clip has been out for a while but they released the full clip and two other ones. I personally believe UFO are real, but not that they are filled with the stereotypical green aliens. With how big space is, there has to be life outside of just us.

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