Friday, April 24, 2020

Blog Post #1,2,3

Blog Post #1: The End of the World.
There are many that believe that there is an exact date that the world will end. There have been assumptions on what will occur on earth to destroy mankind once and for all. Going through the lecture, I was surprised to realize that many have created their designated safe house for the day the earth ends. Most already have the necessities they need to survive the chaos and live comfortably for a good while. This video I retrieved from the lecture was interesting to see that a man built a huge bunker for his own safety in hopes that he would survive the disaster of the world. This lecture was interesting to learn about how most people are preparing themselves for the final day on earth. 

Blog Post #2: OBE Out of body experiences are believed to be that the soul could leave the body. Some believe that with their soul leaving their body can connect them to extraterrestrial life and join the alien ship. This is what the Heaven’s gate cult believed that the body was just a device that carries the soul and in order to connect to the other side they had to “exit their vehicles.” Most of these out of body experiences occur in the operating room when the anesthesia allows confusion for lucid dreams. I found this lecture interesting as well, I did not know that some people believed that they could connect to the other side if they killed themselves. I was shocked to know that the Heaven’s Gate Cult even existed and they believed they could connect to the other side if they just took their own lives

Blog Post #3: Graphology 
Graphology is the study of handwriting used to determine a person’s personality or character based on word/letter spacing, writing slant, pressure on the paper and letter size. I didn't even know this study existed at all, but apparently 150 of multinational corporations use this method. This method is used in some jobs to determine if they suit the job or not and the usage is continuously growing. Eighty percent of Israel and France use this method to determine their decisions. This lecture was interesting as well to find out that this is being used, but its usage is least effective resulting in financial losses. I believe this is truly unfair to use this method to hire someone because handwriting does not define who a person is. 

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  1. Your blog on graphology suprized me with new and interesting facts on the subject. I wasn’t aware of just how many corporations use this. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s!