Thursday, April 30, 2020

Post #3 UFOs

Many people claim to have either seen UFOs or been actually abducted. The process of storytelling relies on a reconstructive process of memory. A process that can very easily be corrupted and distorted. Most people when remembering a past event actually remember it less accurately every-time they tell the story because they tell the story in a way that makes sense with what they believe, and their beliefs could be distorted. Many people also just have a hyper active imagination or simply like to lie or even want their story to be true so bad that they lie to themselves. Also a lot of alien sightings claim to happen while the people are in sleepy states. Not to mention there is never any actual credible physical evidence of the event, only 1 persons story.
If someone came to me with physical proof of aliens, I probably wouldn't question it ... but when it's just one half asleep man's story, I'm sorry but there's no reason for anyone to believe that.

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  1. You have some pretty good points here. The book I read for this class "Why People Believe Weird Things" talks about alien abductions a little bit too. It says that some people can have hallucinations and delirium, which make them think they were abducted, as a result of sleep deprivation. The author of the book had an experience where he thought he been abducted while sleep deprived during a nonstop bike race. Pretty interesting stuff. Worth a read if you're interested in this kind of thing.