Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Post 1- Graphology

It is interesting to think that handwriting is indicative of personality. While watching one first video in the powerpoint, I tried to figure out if my handwriting traits matched my personality in real life. At first, I found that some of the writing styles I use are indeed what a graphologist would expect based on my personality, but I found just as many errors in their system. Throughout my years in high school until now, my handwriting has changed, as well as my personality. I am curious how, using graphology, one would correlate a change in my handwriting to match a change in personality. This got me thinking, because I know some people mindfully change their handwriting, and some people intentionally improve their characteristics. Knowing that, I wonder if it is believed that changing your handwriting would indirectly change your personality, or vise versa. Not sure I believe that to be true, but the internet begs to differ.


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