Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Post 2: Graphology

After learning about Graphology, which can be described as being able to use handwriting to describe
a person’s general personality, I am able to say that I do not believe in this claim whatsoever.
However, the general idea behind this form of pseudoscience is still being utilized for important
things such as selecting employees, which is astonishing to me. There are several different
characteristics of writing that claim to mean different things, such as letter size and word/letter
spacing. For example, if you write with small letters it is supposed to mean that you are shy and
concentrated, whereas writing with large letters means you are more outgoing and attention-seeking.
After testing this claim myself by watching comparisons made in a video about graphology, I found
right away that barely any of the extremely vague descriptions actually applied to me. According to
my handwriting, I am shy, aggressive, optimistic, and imaginative, but in my opinion out of those
listed traits I am only somewhat shy. After doing some extra research into graphology, I found an
image that claims you can tell specific things about someone by simply looking at the letter “y”.
Overall, it seems that studying a person’s handwriting to judge them does not seem to be believable,
but unfortunately, it is still used at a growing rate.



  1. I agree that these methods of graphology should not be used in the process of hiring people because they do not do much to show what kind of a person they are based on their handwriting or how good they are of a worker.

  2. I agree that this method should not be used to define a person. A person's handwriting does not define who they are as a person and it is sad to see that this method is even being used at all. Just looking over the picture provided, some of these do not even apply to me at all. If graphology becomes into a bigger thing it would suck because it would leave many at a disadvantage.