Thursday, April 30, 2020

Post 3- Aromatherapy

Smelling pleasant scents may relax you, but it won't heal you. I saw a video of a mom rubbing peppermint oil on the feet and chest of her child who caught the coronavirus. The mother said she won't give the baby medicine because she is an "anti-vacc" mom and doesn't believe in medication. I found this to be ridiculous and also sad that the child wasn't getting the true care it needed. 
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  1. There are some religions that will refuse medical care for their child just to pray for them. The child ends up dying due to lack of medical help. It is so sad to see this happen and she should know better that we don't have a cure for COVID-19 yet. I agree with your opening sentence about how aromatherapy may help you feel better, but it will not cure you of your symptoms in all cases.

  2. I do not agree with not vaccinating your children. You are putting the child in unnecessary danger. 200,000+ people have died globally WITH proper medical care from COVID-19. The peppermint oil can help manage the symptoms of congestions, similar to how vapor rub works, but doing nothing to "cure" the child. While there is no cure, going to a hospital is the best course of action.