Thursday, April 30, 2020


So first, I want to say, It is hard for me to believe that we are the only living specimen in this petri-dish that is the universe. I am sure on planets thousands and millions light years away there are living  organisms that have adapted to their own surroundings and perhaps build their own form of "society". What is false about our idea or concept of aliens is that we think aliens are these short-limbed, slime balls with big eyes. I doubt that's what an alien looks like. We cannot grasp the idea of an alien or an other worldly being because we have never seen one before. Through out the years many people have come out as hoax which only makes it harder to believe what we see. Many people have came out admitting that their "evidence" was a hoax. Crop circles, edited photos and videos and eye witnesses can not act as solid evidence. We also forget that UFO's stands for "Unidentified Flying Objects" and not aliens! Our concept of "Aliens" birth from science fiction. In Donald Prothero's Ted Talk
UFOs and Aliens – What Science Says  he explains how his father worked at Area 51 where they tested top secret air craft. He worked on every aircraft until he retired in the mid 70s. Later one night while watching cable TV with his father documentary about Area 51 came on. His father bursted out laughing because he was there, and there were no such things such as aliens or spacecrafts. What many people may have seen from Area 51 are the non-conventional looking airplanes. All evidence we have so far can be traced back to other similar or explainable solutions. We would need hard solid evidence to prove the existence of "aliens" but for now it will remain explainable.

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  1. That YouTube video was very interesting! I'am sure that we aren't the only ones in this huge universe, but I don't think aliens would want to come in contact with us simple species.