Monday, April 27, 2020

Tyler Bolich's Post #1: My Experience with Learning Methods

     What was interesting about this particular lecture and what set it apart, for me at least, was my familiarity with the concept. Other concepts we covered were ones that I new outright were misconceptions, like Big Foot, or psychics. This, however, I held to be true. For years I had believed myself to be a kinistetic learner. I hadn't always had that belief, I recall not understanding the difference as a child. I'm not sure when a picked up this particular belief, but the example I would use in conversation to back my conviction was: "I can't learn math through an explanation of the concept and how it works. To me that is just jargon. I need to work through it step by step to understand the reasoning." Upon reflection, I don't even think that's kinistetic, but whatever. When I first was presented with this lecture, I was appalled. I was certain of the validity of this principal, and I couldn't imagine a way that it could be disproved. However, the concept of learning meaning as opposed to auditory or visual data really resonated with me. The really shocking thing about this misconception is how wide spread it is, and how the original study is based on next to nothing. I think literally everyone I know, save for those in this class, holds this misconception to be true.

This jolly gent really made the issue clear in a way that other sources on the internet failed to do for me.

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