Thursday, April 30, 2020

DC Post #2: UFO Abductions

This has always been one of my favorite topics. The idea of if there is other life out there and do they visit us is very fascinating. Below I would like to include some links about the Pentagon releasing video evidence of UFOs. Whether you believe in it or not, they are both very interesting reads. It's hard to imagine that extraterrestrial life that is probably way more advanced than us would want to visit earth (especially at times like these), let alone would want to take some of our people (guess they don't know about the 6 ft apart rule!). It's hard to believe the stories we hear about aliens abducting people. For starters all descriptions of the aliens sound almost exactly the same, is there only alien race visiting us? That seems highly unlikely. Secondly, all the stories seem to happen when the person is more or less sleeping. To me this just points to everything being a lucid dream and the reason why all the tales are similar is because there subconscious is pulling from stories already heard. As funny as these stories can be, I wouldn't really trust them as a reliable source. 

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  1. I recently saw the "Pentagon" video evidence of UFO's. I still cannot trust it because of the lack of conclusive informations when it comes to extra-terrestrial life. It was very cool footage! Still not sure what to think of it though. I need to see concrete evidence to turn me into a believer, and I would probably have to run into an alien myself to get that.