Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kendra Cirino: This Idea Must Die Book Report

After deciding to read This Idea Must Die, I realized how different it is from the rest. It is not a book with one story line, instead it includes tons of little spurts of scientific theories, stories, and they are all separate from one another. They all explore different views on these ideas, some explore the usefulness of "bad" ideas. When I say some, I am talking about separate writers. Each chapter is written by a different person. It is a very unique reading experience. For me personally, one chapter I could fully understand while others I could have no idea what the text even meant! I found that this book is very challenging to understand unless you are very good at science and are knowledgeable in that field of study. If you are someone who enjoys science this would be a great read for you to try! Ive learned some things after reading this book, and as Professor Berg says I can now bring them up at social gatherings and sound really smart! 

If I had to choose three of my favorite chapters within this book it would be "The Rocket Scientist", "Sadness is Always Bad, Happiness is always good", and "Mental Illness Is Nothing But Brain Illness." I found these chapters to be very intriguing. The first one was written by Victoria Wyatts, and is about the stereotype "rocket scientists" have. When people place them in a category as "scientists," separated from "common people." Wyatts wanted to share that this view on scientist should in fact die. One way I believe could help this idea die, would be if scientists explained things in simpler terms for others. Even reading some of these chapters, it shows how confusing scientific words are! If they explained it in ways more could understand, I believe more people would appreciate scientists much more! 

The next chapter talks about how "sadness" and "happiness" are perceived. Most think that sadness is always bad and happiness is always good. Although sadness is a big part of life and is needed for our mental health. What kind of person would anyone be without the obstacles and challenges that have been thrown at them? For example, a girl who just got cheated on... what if this is what would be best for her mental health to not be with this person. This person might have been abusing or negatively influencing her, and now she gets to start over and live a healthy life. When there is sadness there is always happiness right around the corner! We need to stop categorizing sadness as a bad thing all the time. This idea must die! 

Lastly, is another view on mental health. People say that mental illness always comes from the brain, and that people are born with it. I do not find this to be 100% accurate. What about peoples lifestyles? How can you say that having an abusive partner or parent wouldn't be a reason for issues with someones mental health. As well as bad friendships, no support system, or even insecurities. All of these situations can cause mental issues that are created OUTSIDE the brain,  not inside.

What one has to do to become a rocket scientist at ISRO? - QuoraThis Idea Must Die: Scientific Theories That Are Blocking Progress ...All in all I did enjoy this book and its weird features! It ended up being something very interesting, and made me really think about all of these theories and ideas critically. The only thing I wish was different was the language of the chapters. I wish that some were worded easier for non-scientists like me to understand to the fullest!                                                                                                       

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