Monday, April 27, 2020

learning styles post #2

There are three different kinds of learning styles. The first kind of learning is visual. In this learning, the person benefits from seeing pictures, maps, drawings, or videos. Actually seeing what they need to learn through other lenses, helps them to understand better. I am a visual learner, actually. it helps me to comprehend material for better recollection in the long run. Next, are auditory learners. These kinds of learners benefit from the sound of a perso talking. Examples like, reading out loud, listening to tapes, or just simply listening to a professor speak. Lastly, we have kinesthetic learners. Being able to touch phsycial objects, and to make things with their hands gives these learners their own way of learning new material. Teachers can adapt to their student's preferred learning methods to help them gain more knowledge of a topic, such as through videos, books, audio tapes, music, or even adjusting the rooms temperature to make the learning environment more comfortable!

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  1. I think you did a great job explaining the different kinds of learning styles. I am also a very visual learner which I believe is the most common of the three. Even though it is commonly known that there are these different types of learning styles, I think most teachers in middle school and high school either are not aware of this, or choose to not adapt to help their students with different learning styles.