Monday, April 6, 2020

Post #1 Graphology

Graphology is a pseudoscience that I had never heard of before this class. I had heard of forensic handwriting analysis to determine if two samples are the same, but graphology is different in the way that it isn't a real science. Forensic handwriting analysis can be backed up by science and has solid proof of working because you can truly compare it to something tangible, as compared to graphology which compares/correlates handwriting to the writers personality traits/character. People who believe in graphology believe that letter size, spacings, pressure, ect. could really determine the writer's personality traits. It is crazy to me that people seriously believe that just because a person's writing is spaced out or slanted that it actually determines what that person is like instead of believing that everyone's writing is different naturally. It is also mind-blowing to me that it is used in so many companies around the world to hire people. Imagine your job being given to someone else, simply because their handwriting looks different and gave a false reading of a desirable character trait. Graphology is so scary because it seems believable. It makes generalizations, and subjects interpret the analysis to custom fit what they want in their brain. How you write could mean more than what you write to people who believe in graphology.

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  1. I liked how you mentioned forensic handwriting analysis in your post because I feel like to someone who doesn't really know the difference between the two would think they are the same thing. This would make them believe that graphology is actually a science, when it is not. I also found it crazy how people base jobs on handwriting. It is one thing to believe in graphology, but to put someone's job and career on the line based on how they write seems unreasonable. In the video, they said her handwriting showed that she was prone to bursts of anger, and when this was brought up to her, she became very angry, but who wouldn't when their potential employer is against hiring you because of your handwriting? Like you said, everyone's handwriting is just naturally different.