Monday, April 6, 2020

#3 Aromatherapy

I knew about aromatherapy for a while now and its claims about different things it can do. I never tried it, but my friend's mom is obsessed with different essential oils that can help you. Although I did know about aromatherapy, I was still shocked to find out they dont actually work. I thought they do work to a certain extent cause of the amount of people that buy them. I read an article also about the false labeling for different essential oils. It explained how one company was marketing their products as cures, treatments, and a way to prevent illnesses like parkinsons disease, autism, diabetes, cancer, etc. The FDA found out about it and how this company was midbranding their products as drugs when they werent approved of it. The consumers was warned of this product, and the FDA spokesperson told them they should be wary of the fraud and scams involved with this company that claims to prevent, treat, or cure different health conditions. Its pretty messed up for these companies to misbrand their products, especially the ones that claim to help cure health conditions when there are no actual benefits to these oils. Hopefully more consumers become more aware of the problem.

Here is the article I got my information from:

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  1. I have used many aromatherapy products in the past and am honestly obsessed with essential oils. I did not have any idea that they did not work. I mean, it is kind of obvious because why would they? But, I have always loved essential oils and thought they were good to realize it is all in our heads. It is crazy how companies were false labeling as well. That is a terrible thing.