Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Post #1 aromatherapy

I have always known about people using aromatherapy, due to all the beneficial claims but personal I have never tried it or have been into it. One of my friends, Emilie and her family are obsessed with aromatherapy, and have diffusers set up throughout there house. They used to tell me how it helps calm them before sleep, and how it helps to relax them. From what they have told me I assumed that aromatherapy does work. But after researching it I found an article that claims otherwise; according to time magazine, there was no evidence that aromatherapy does anything. According to Dr. Edzard who was former chair of complementary medicine at the university of Exeter, he claims that all the claims of “depression, anxiety, pain, dementia” that aromatherapy does nothing, to really help these problems. After reading this article, it surprised me that even though there is no evidence that claims aromatherapy does work, that many people continue to use it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/4413812/aromatherapy-essential-oils-tea-tree/%3famp=true

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  1. I like how you elaborated into a personal story and explained the article you found in great detail!