Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Post #2 alien abductions and UFOs

When it comes to the topic of alien abductions, I have always been very skeptical to the idea. The definition of an alien abduction is when someone is believed that they are being kidnapped by nonhuman figures. There are many people throughout the country who believe that they have been kidnapped by possible “aliens” claim that they saw, bright lights coming towards them, the unidentified object was circular and had red light blinking on the sides, as well as seeing some sort of “people” in the object. May people claim that during these abductions they have been tested on by aliens. Scientist believe that these people may be experiencing sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can make people experience hallucinations. I do believe that there has to be other people besides us, whether or not there aliens; I’m not to sure. But the idea that “aliens” are taking them in there sleep to test on them, seems very strange to me.


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  1. I feel the exact same way about everything you stated! i am also a very skeptical person, especially when it comes to the unknown, such as aliens and ghosts. The claims for these abductions are not supported by enough evidence to covert me to believing in them; however, i do believe that there is some form of life out there. The idea that we actually have no clue what they will look like or be capable of is interesting but also scary to think about. Also, like you mentioned, if aliens did exist and came into contact with earth, they would't just snatch a random person from a corn field then put them back. Overall, very interesting article and insight!