Saturday, April 18, 2020

Mass Hysteria: Malaysia Schools

My original intention was to research a case in Malaysia where a school had to shut down because there was a mass hysteria about demons haunting the school. I did find articles and videos about the topic, but I had also found multiple incidents of similar scenarios. Not only had there been an incident in 2018 (the one I originally looked to cover) but there were many events that dated back years. One that stood out to me was a case in 2017 at a religious school. During one of the praise periods, a frog had found its way into the hall and that sent many girls into hysteria and fits. Many of the girls in these fits had to be tranquilized in order to calm down. It was later determined that this was a case of mass hysteria because of a previous trauma. Earlier that week, a girl had fainted in the school bathroom and later died from head trauma. It is believed that the girls from the school had not properly processed the event emotionally and went into a mass panic. This is likely because of inadequate health care and the weight that religion weighs in that town. South Asia is known as a hot spot for these mass hysteria for those exact reasons.

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