Saturday, April 18, 2020

False Memory: Allagash Lake Incident (Part 2)

Jim Weiner is one of the four men who claimed to have seen a UFO at Allagash Lake in Maine, 1976. A few years later, he, unfortunately, suffered an accident that would leave him with brain damage. Around the same time, he began to experience nightmares of him being abducted by aliens and being dissected by them. He confronted his brother Jack about the nightmares, who was also there the night of the incident. Jack claimed that he too, had been having similar nightmares. Later, the four men from the original event all underwent hypnosis to recall the events that night and all described a similar event of being probed on the UFO. This poses the issue of hypnosis showing no real links to unveil suppressed memories.
All of the men attended art school and later incorporated their "abduction" into art pieces. The likely situation is that the men were simply looking for their claim to fame and to sell their famed alien pieces. It is believed the men still hold true to their story from that night.

Subject of 1976 UFO incident casts doubt on 'Allagash Abductions ...
One of many art pieces produced by the men.

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