Monday, April 6, 2020

Post 2 End of the World

Throughout the slides there are a large amount of people and groups of people have tried to predict the end of the world or even predicting horrific event. As some came true like 9/11 and Hitler, obviously the end of the world has not yet occurred. Also included in the slides doomsday preppers,  who are people with these bunkers for catastrophic events. It also seems that these bunkers could be very useful for around this time as we are supposed to be social distancing. The Covid-19 virus is something serious but as of right now not threatening enough to kill off the world but a bunker wouldn't be a bad thing to have as they normally are away from homes and other people in disclosed locations and also under ground which is a very safe place to be.

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  1. Great work Nick! I really enjoyed how you incorporated the COVID-19 virus into your blog.