Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Response to learning styles

It was when I was in high school that I learned that I was a visual learner. I must see things in order to fully comprehend anything. example when I played football I would always be in front of the group so that I can see the play being explained or the technique we were being shown in order for me to replicate it. So in class or anywhere if someone is explaining instructions or showing me something new and all their doing is just talking with no diagrams I am not gonna know at all what they're talking about. However, from looking at the lectures about this topic, it seems that research dating back from the 80s and even today says that it's all unreal. Teachers and professors from what I see always cater to students with different learning styles in order to make sure they are successful. But from the research, it looks like its all in vain. This does question my own learning style as although I prefer visual I can learn other ways. And like the third video suggested I believed in this theory of different learning styles mainly because other people such as friends and old teachers believed in it too. 

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  1. I believe learning styles to be somewhat true as well, mainly because I know that i'm primarily a kinesthetic learner whereas i've noticed other people in my life like my sister who is mainly and auditory learner. She's the kind of person who could watch a youtube video about how to make something work and then know right away how to do it, where for me to learn something I would have to do it along with someone in a hands on experience to learn the best.