Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Aromatherapy - Post #3

  I have heard about Aromatherapy before, and I can say I do believe in it. I think using our senses to find ways to decrease stress can be very helpful. It can be used in our daily life, with certain fragrances and skin care. Another way to achieve aromatherapy is through essential oils, which I have heard great things about. I learned that a drop of lavender can really help for a majority of things! Another thing I learned after reading this lecture is the smell is the fasted access to the brain compared to any other sense. I am very surprised after watching the video stating that lavender does did not decrease stress because I have personally used scents to help calm me. Overall I still believe that scents can change your mood and how you feel! Just like when you smell cookies, or brownies!

What is Aromatherapy? | AromaWeb

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  1. Aromatherapy is a pseudoscience from what I can tell. How different smells react to our brain doesn't seem to make sense too me. scents can remined you of something nice which can make you feel well, but this aromatherapy reminds me of the magic bracelets from earlier in the semester