Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Post 3- Learning Styles/ False Memories

Through all the years of attending school I have learned that I was a Kinesthetic learner as I like to be hands on and creating things, but also seeing pictures would help me understand more than someone speaking to me. I learned this throughout high school and college as teachers and professors would do tests in the beginning of the year to see what type of learner each of my classmates are. They would do their best to accommodate every student and all of our learning ways. The false memories is shown that is can be done as therapists can make you think something happened when it really never did.



  1. It is very interesting that your teachers did those types of tests because I never realized what they were until now. I am also a kinesthetic learner so it is good to learn something from that. False memories were interesting to learn about as well!

  2. I agree with angel, that is very interesting that your teachers actually did tests on students to evaluate what type of learner they are. The only thing that i was given, comparable to this was a questionaire that asked what style of learner I am. The fault in this method is that many kids, especially at a young age, might mot know what type of learner they are. False memories as another interesting idea. One thing that comes to mind when i think of false memories is a crime show that I watched a few years ago, in which a murderer therapist planted a false scenario in a patient's head, making him think that he was guilty and truly committed the murder. He was eventually caught but that was an extremely complex idea and use of false memories.