Sunday, April 5, 2020

Post #3 Aromatherapy

I was surprised to see Aromatherapy included as a topic, as it is something so common in our society. I had no idea about the claims like essential oils help memory and smell is the most direct route t the brain are actually unsupported by evidence. Johns Hopkins posted an article that said even though "people claim essential oils are natural remedies for a number of ailments, theres not enough research to determine their effectiveness in human health". Surprisingly Mayo Clinic says there might be some benefits, including relief from anxiety and depression and improved sleep. I feel as if it is important to note that even though this medical institution finds use for essential oils, but as management for ailments not a treatment or a cure. I honestly fell for the claims of essential oils as I thought in some regards they are very useful but I realize now its just the hype and false information that I have previously fallen for.

Johns Hopkins Article:

Mayo Clinic Article:

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  1. I agree, I was surprised. As for falling for its myths, I fell for them, too!