Sunday, April 5, 2020

#2 UFOs

UFO sightings are a common topic of conversation in my town, as the Wanaque Reservoir is known for its repeated UFO sightings and has even been featured on WeirdNJ. The most noteable sighting report was on January 11th, 1996 and led to countless reports of a UFO from towns surrounding Wanaque. After this McGuire Air Force Base, which is about an hour and a half from Wanaque, said the object seen was a weather ballon which was launched by the Kennedy International Airport.  Since the first report in 1996 there have been reports of seeing UFOs over the Wanaque Reservoir every year, and I even have family members who believe they have witnessed these UFOs. Whether or not I believe it is a different conversation, but I can say the people of this town who where around for this first sighting whole heartedly believe what they say that night was a UFO.UFOs Over The Wanaque Reservoir: The Roswell of the Ramapos | Weird NJ

WeirdNJ post about the Wanaque Reservoir:


  1. Nice job explaining the history of how and when UFO's were spotted and brought up in the news in New Jersey. The way you elaborated on how people thought it was a UFO.

  2. I like that you included NJ in your blog post. It brings a little something more to the topic because we can all relate it to the place we live in. Seeing articles about UFOs in other parts of the country and the world is cool, but to hear more about what happens around us in our own state is much cooler. Good post!!