Tuesday, April 14, 2020

False Memories

In my psychology class last year at Rutgers we did a lot on false memories and it was one of my favorite subjects to talk about. The human brain works so differently than you could possibly imagine. We see things with our eyes, and those images are transferred into electric pulses to be determined by the brain. But in that transition, we lose so much of we see. And then recalling those memories years later, they're actually manipulated by everything we've seen, heard, and done since the actual event. Not only do we deceive our own brains but everyone and everything around us can manipulate what we remember. And that's how false memories are made. You can be so sure that something happened, but really it never did and your brain is just piecing together different pieces of information to create something new. It's fascinating.

I really enjoyed looking through those slides and getting to learn more about and think back on what I learned in my psychology class last year. I can't wait to learn more about it over time!

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