Friday, April 3, 2020

#2 UFO Abductions

       I have always been on the fence when it comes to the paranormal and any strange occurrences. Although I'm not really for or against it, I like reading about different cases and the ways it could be true or false. This time it was about UFO abductions and the claims behind it. To start off, Alien abductions are when a person is "secretly kidnapped by nonhuman figures and subjected to physical and psychological experimentation."People who claim to have been abducted may have experienced things like not being able to move, seeing flashing lights, hearing strange sounds, the feeling of being levitated, and having tingling sensations. They also claim to see the nonhuman figures which was the most terrifying to the victims. There are many stories explaining how the victims were taken and used to breed with the aliens to create more aliens or to be warned for something, etc. This is where the evidence against theses claim comes into play because now, scientist believe that its sleep paralysis or anything that's not as crazy as alien abduction. In the slides, it also explains how most people who believe in aliens typically have other esoteric beliefs. Also during the abductions, they claim to be asleep or sleep-deprived, have a higher rate of fantasy proneness and had more instances of sleep paralysis. Earlier when I listed what people experience while being abducted, not being able to move was one of them and that's the same experience for someone with sleep paralysis. Also, they claim to see nonhuman figures; could it just be the demons attacking them in their sleep? What do you think? Alien abduction or sleep paralysis (demons)?

Here are some articles explaining more about the alien abductions and the claims against it:

Here is also a video about people who were abducted by aliens:

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  1. I find this topic very interesting. I never have had sleep paralysis before, but a friend of mine claims to have experienced it multiple times and a lot of what he explains sounds so supernatural and wild that i wouldn't be surprised if serious alien believers could fool themselves into believing they had an alien encounter when it was really just their sleep paralysis. Either way sleep paralysis is a crazy phenomenon and its kinda funny in my opinion that the weirdo alien believers are mistaking their sleep paralysis for alien abductions.