Friday, April 3, 2020

#1 Graphology

    I did not know anything about graphology until now and I find it to be very interesting. Its amazing to think that people can read your personality and who you are as a person based on how you write. Although, I am in the middle with whether this is true or not due to the evidence against graphology. I read some articles and many of them talk about how graphology is not accepted as a real science. In one of the articles, they did a test by having multiple graphologist analyze the same handwriting sample. In the end, all graphologist provided different personality traits. This proved that graphology isnt exactly an accurate way to discover someones personality and charater. Even though this creates a little controversy between whether grapology is a real science or not, I still find this very interesting and a cool way to maybe find out someones personality.

Here are some articles explaining more about graphology:

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  1. I really liked this post. I find graphology so fascinating and I never knew that people could find out so much about you, just by how you write.