Thursday, April 2, 2020

UFO Abductions & Projective Testing- Post #3

In this class lecture, it talks about people who have experienced or believe in UFO abductions through the slides and videos. Although this is something I am extremely skeptical about, the videos were interesting to watch and be able to see people's stories. It is interesting to see that people who believe in alien abductions have a higher rating of fantasy proneness and tend to have other esoteric beliefs. It is stated that what people believe is related to the way they think so it makes a lot of sense that people would believe in other strange phenomenas other than alien abductions. In the second part of the lecture it explains projective testing which is where people are tested based upon what they draw/see. This is not a very reliable or realistic way to do something but if it was to work things in the world would be a lot different.

This is a link to an article about another story of a man who was abducted in 1973 and he returns to the site of where it happened.

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  1. Reading this story was interesting because, looking at the facts, they sound very believable to those who would usually be skeptical of alien abduction stories. I would be curious to hear from each person in the story firsthand, they sound very convincing.