Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Post #3: Graphology

Graphology was one of the pseudosciences that sounded to me like it could have been true. Knowing nothing about the subject, I could have been convinced that it was true if it were explained to me that way. The explanation behind it was sound enough. It sounds reasonable when you compare it to other ones like the end of the world or the 10% of our brains thing. That must be how it convinces people, because it grounds itself in a realistic sounding idea. Graphology reminded me a lot of the cold readings from earlier. The things that the graphologist says in the video sounded very similar to what psychics say. It was a lot of positive yet vague generalisations. The difference between the two is that graphology sounds like it could reasonably be true.
Here are some charts that explain what graphologists look for. It's quite a lot of information about a person's personality that can supposedly be discovered by their handwriting. 

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  1. Hey Dave,
    I can say that I agreed with what you had said. While the class is an obvious clue that alludes to Graphology not really being accurate, it does sound as if it were true, similar to the 10% of our brains lecture and ideology. However, just like that one, an individual can come to understand that it simply isn't true, and is another form of psycho-analytic mumbo-jumbo.