Sunday, April 19, 2020

Post #3 | False Memory

  False memory begins when there is a recollection of an event that did not actually occur, especially one of childhood sexual abuse arising from suggestion during psychotherapy. There has been results determining that a therapist can make individuals believe that they have experience things that has never happened through a dream analysis. A dream analysis is a process of guiding/helping someone become more connected to their unconscious. Dream analysts believe that the dreams that someone has can tell them something about their personal wounds. Dreams in general are also thought to represent some kind of communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. It is also thought that dreams allow the mind to communicate and transmit information across the levels of consciousness.
  Although dream therapy can be a good and effective tool for good influence, giving clinicians influential power has the potential to change people for the worst when the therapist gives an hypothesis about a client too early on. Memory is thought to resemble the works of an Wikipedia page. You can go in and change whatever you'd like and so can other people. They can go in and influence your memory as well. It can happen as simple as someone else feeding you suggestive information that insinuates something different from what was said. It causes people to misidentify events.
Forgetting, Memory Construction, and Improving Memory Module ppt ...False Memories and Memory Errors - Practical Psychology
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  1. Hey Dominique,
    Your summation and analyzation of the lecture was incredibly well versed! I feel like this type of content may be related to other lectures too, though. Remember the lecture about our brains and how people assumed only 10% was used? This lecture reminded me of that one, although, instead of ESP and tele-kenetic abilities, we would be able to utilize our memory more efficiently.

  2. I found this very interesting. I didn't even know that therapists were capable of making someone have a recollection of memories that did not even occur. I was more surprised to find out that therapists could put their patients to sleep in order to talk about what is hurting them.