Monday, April 13, 2020

Post 2: Graphology

The only experience I’ve had with something like this was in a forensics course in high school where we needed to analyze people’s handwriting in order to match it with a sample piece of evidence, but I know that it’s still a completely different way of analyzing someone’s writing. In some ways, both are not always objective, but this is far less useful in my opinion. 

This whole study is based off of generalization of handwriting and I personally think it doesn’t make much sense. Just the idea that one’s handwriting can help determine their personality type is silly to me. I’m curious, do they account for a person’s handwriting changing? I obviously don’t write the same way I did when I was in high school. 

I wanted to try a simple test. I found a diagram of the different types of “y”s, and I wanted to know what my handwriting would say about me. I attached some samples of my own handwriting and the diagram so you all could try it too. 

I realized very quickly that these results are not accurate, which I was not surprised to see. Still, it at least fun to try. 

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  1. After seeing this, I tried it myself and found the same results, but also when writing those words, I used 3 different styles of lettering for "y", so not sure what that means for my personality. Like you said, fun experiment, at least!