Sunday, April 19, 2020

Post #1 Learning Styles / False Memories

        I thought this topic was very interesting because it explained different types of learning styles and false memories. As a student myself I try to experiment with different learning strategies to understand the concept of the material. For example, in my biology class I would use both auditory and visual learning to prepare for exams. It was interesting to learn however that assessing children's learning styles and matching to instructional methods doesn’t have any effect on their learning. The idea of using different reading styles is very appealing, but results say otherwise. I also too find myself recalling an experience that never happened and finding out later from a friend that it happened a different way. People such as myself recall past events in a way that makes sense, and consistent with current expectations. This was a great lecture and I could use what I learned about learning styles in my future courses I take at Stockton.

TEDx Talk about Learning Styles-

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