Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Post #1: Graphology

Graphology is defined as using handwriting to determine a person's personality traits. By examining the strokes, spacing, and size of the letters, you're are somehow able to learn a great deal about the person who wrote it. I had never heard of graphology before and was not surprised to find that it was not a good predictor in personalities.  While researching this topic, I found an interesting picture that gave an insight into different traits in graphology. I decided to compare my own writing to the picture and unsurprisingly found that I only matched half of the description; which shows that this sort of analysis is unreliable in judging character.

Graphology - The Art Of Handwriting Analysis | Handwriting analysis

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  1. I have also never heard of graphology! It was interesting to read about, but like you said I was not surprised either to find out it was not a reliable thing to use. I enjoyed your comment about comparing your handwriting to the picture that is a good way to prove the theory.