Sunday, April 12, 2020

Post #1 Alien abudictions

The fact that in this whole galaxy there are a vast amount of star systems with planets, makes it very hard to believe that within our own star system that earth is the only planet in the galaxy that holds life.  Alien life has to be out there however, our technology is not advanced enough to explore anything outside the solar system. However, are claims of alien abductions legitimate? some people such as Jessie Lawn and Travis Walton. These two claimed to have been abducted by aliens with Lawn claiming to have been abducted multiple times throughout his life. They along with other people in the world describe how these "Aliens" abduct them and experiment on them. They claim evidence and plead to people that what happened is true. However, what could be happening in the mind covering up past traumas and the mind recalling those past experiences differently to avoid the pain. Another reason why people might believe that they were abducted is the Theory Induced Blindness heuristic. This is about how when people think of an explanation they stick to it and disregard any flaws of it. In order to avoid this, it would be a good idea to think of information. and be aware that people who believe in alien abductions tend to experience sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation, and tend to have more active imaginations than others.


  1. I also have a similar outlook, since I do believe that alien life forms exist, however personal accounts from people who have "met" aliens make me skeptical.

  2. I agree that a majority of people who have claims of being abducted by aliens have not really been abducted, and that it can be the cause of some sort of medication, repression of past memories, and sleep deprivation. This is further proved by the fact they these people are unable to see any flaws with their story, and that their explanation is fully true.