Friday, April 10, 2020

I've always found Graphology interesting, but I never really believed it. The first time I saw anything to do with Graphology was in a cop show on TV, which is reason enough to think it may not be entirely real.

Yes, it's true that everyone has a different type of handwriting. It's also true that handwriting can display some of the emotions that you're feeling when writing. But I don't believe that a paragraph that you write can dictate who you are as a person entirely. Sure, if you're writing quickly and angrily, your words will be messy and the pen might sink deeper into the paper, but how can that tell whether the person writing is an angry person in general, or just angry at that moment in time.

My handwriting constantly changes. I can't even write my own signature the same way three times in a row. If someone were to study my handwriting, I have a feeling that they would be very, very confused by the end of it. But that doesn't really reflect who I am as a person. I'm quite organized in my life, yet my handwriting is sloppy and basically chicken scratch. If I were at a job interview and they analyzed my handwriting, I don't think I would be hired because my handwriting would say that I'm unorganized in thought and a bad communicator, which, in my own opinion, is completely false.

I've always stood by the fact that there is science and there is pseudoscience. Science is fact and pseudoscience is fun. I think Graphology is extremely interesting and would be a fun little hobby or a neat trick to show your friends, but when it comes to the success rate of someone's life (ie. getting a job), it should not be used.

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  1. I completely agree with you, in the fact that making an assumption of a person's characteristics based on a generalization of their handwriting doesn't make a lot of sense. I enjoyed your in depth analysis on the topic of comparing the graphology of your handwriting as well.