Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Graphology Post #3

Graphology is used to determine character and personality traits through someone’s handwriting. The areas of writing that are considered when observing handwriting are pressure on paper, word and letter spacing, writing slant, and letter size. If letter size is large, it means a person has a larger personality. If the word and letter spacing is wide, it means the person is isolated or lonely. If it is crowded, it means they are desperate for companionship. These types of observations were often used to determine if a person is worthy of hiring for a job, even though it was later shown to be very ineffective. I do not believe that graphology is a good method for determining the personality traits of a person. The fact that someone writes large is not a sound reason for saying they have a big personality. I think that people’s handwriting can change based on their emotions of the day. If they are having a stressful day, then it is highly possible that their handwriting will be messier and larger than normal. If there are no time constraints and they are at peace, then handwriting might be smaller and neater. The areas that graphologists look for, like isolation and need for companionship, are irrelevant in determining types of handwriting. My handwriting will sometimes look different everyday of the week, but it is based on external factors, and not how lonely I am that day.
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  1. I agree and I think looing at how someone can write does not correlate to their emotions. People develop habits of writing by the way they are taught so I think everyone has their own unique style but, I don't think it will reveal their emotions or their personality