Thursday, April 16, 2020

Book Report: Flim Flam

As a group we choose to read Flim Flam by James Randi based off of how interesting it is. The book covers a wide variety of topics from paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims that have impressed the thinking of the public for a generation. But another reason that went into our decision was that the book was easy to read and could be done quickly and also it was one of the cheapest ones to buy.
Chapter 3 All at Sea was a very interesting chapter as part of it covers the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle is very known around the world as basically a death wish, if you fly or sail through it you aren't gonna make it out. It is portrayed in so many television shows and in movies. But these men are debunking the triangle with facts as it was the triangle but common mistake that caused these terrible events.
Chapter 8 The Great Fliess Fleece says that the human body works on a cycle. Obviously woman are on a cycle as they receive their period once a month. But this is also explaining that men are on a physical curve woman are on the emotional curve and they both are on the mind curve. The mens cycle will be 23 days the woman's is 28 days, and they will both receive the mental cycle every 33 days . These are meant to overlap and each sex will experience a double crisis. 
Chapter 12 God with Feats of Clay chapter is explaining how religion is the reasoning behind a lot more than everyone would think. They explain how a table is being lifted on one side and they are saying it is God who is doing it but when is they tested they say that the person was lifting the table with his boot and they realized this and this was ended right away. 
Overall this book was great, it was very interesting and it covered so many different conspiracies that I've seen or heard over my life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick entertaining read. If you don't like a chapter you can skip it, there are so many other chapters to cover.

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