Monday, August 4, 2014

White Sanatorium-Insane Asylum in Wichita Falls, Texas

Well since I have seen a couple of posts from other people's experiences I figured I would share my experience with the paranormal, and what got me so interested in this field. I am in the United States Air Force and my training took me to San Antonio Texas for boot camp, then to a little town named Wichita Falls Texas for the remainder of my job training. One weekend me and my friends who were unfortunately not 21 and couldn't go to the bars were bored and decided to do a little exploring in this quiet town.  We had looked up different sites in Wichita Falls, but one stood out to us and we knew we had to go there, White Sanatorium an abandoned insane asylum in the heart of the town. We had heard stories but thats all they were to us were stories, but when we drove up on this place at about midnight it was clear why we have heard about it, the single most creepiest place I had ever seen. We entered the building and were walking around for awhile with flashlights kind of laughing and joking with each other, until one of my friends who was out front stopped dead in his tracks. We asked what was wrong and he whispered "There is someone down there" and pointed down the hallway, we asked how he knew that and he said really quietly "I saw it move". This immediately raised a red flag in my mind because my friend Brad, was one of our squad leaders, a seriously intense guy who I had never seen this jolted before. He started slowly moving backwards and kept saying "I'm not moving down that hallway I refuse too". So me being eternally curious decide to move down the hallway, and I didn't get more then three steps past Brad I heard and saw a door slam about seven feet from me. Thats all I needed and all six of us bolted out of the asylum, I don't think I have ever moved so fast in my life. To this day I don't know if someone was already in there messing with us or if it truly was a paranormal phenomena but I will tell you the fear was real. This is a video of paranormal investigators inside the White Sanatorium, they believe they captured orbs moving around the hallway.



  1. I went exploring in an old insane asylum in New Jersey, located in Marlboro. I had a similar experience but not quiet as.. direct I want to say? We were exploring and we went to leave. My one friend stopped dead in her tracks and said, "we need to get out of here now." We ran for the fence *you had to jump through a fence to gain access, and at the same time the temperature dropped. It was the middle of summer and it felt as if it dropped to 50 degrees or so. Needless to say we got out and never went back. The asylum itself didn't give off the awkward feeling, but the road we were on within the asylum grounds, was how people would get in and out of the place. We were wondering if something was following us or wanted to leave as well! lol

  2. My friends and I, mostly my friends, had a similar creepy/scary incident at the Ancora Mental Institution close to Stockton actually. Part of this area is still in use as a mental or psychiatric hospital I believe (I'm not positive on the details). Whenever some friends and I are bored, we go on a ghost/haunted place hunt. One of my friends came up with Ancora to check out, so we went, and I'm always the driver when we go. One part of the area definitely still seemed to be in use. I drove through parking lots with cars, buildings with lights on, street lights, and signs for offices that looked new. Figuring there was a chance we'd get in trouble considering it was after midnight because when is a better time to go ghost hunting? we left that area and went farther up the road. I'd also been pulled over by a police officer while trying to go on a ghost hunt there before getting close to the buildings before.

    Roads in this area do not have street lights, so it is pitch black with nothing but woods and open fields around you. Well, up the road was an old gateway, crumbling, and overgrown with shrubbery that was the entrance to the old mental institution. I may go on these ghost hunts, but I do not get out of the car and explore these areas normally, and this was not an exception. Four of my friends went running up to the gateway, and I lost site of them pretty quickly due to it being pitch black out. I could hear them giggling and laughing, and then I couldn't hear them anymore either. I was starting to get a little nervous, but then I heard them all running, stomping back through the woods. I yelled over to them, and one of my friends yelled back to start the car because we had to get out of there. I'm not the type to ask questions in that kind of situation, so as soon as everyone was back in the car we got out of there right away.

    After we got back to the highway with lights, I asked them what had happened, and they mentioned a temperature change, similar to what you experienced Kim, and then one of my friends showed me a picture they took of the gateway that looked like there was a face emerging out of the mist in the background. When she took that picture and saw that, they all started running out of there. I'll be honest, the picture was pretty freaky, but it could have just been how the camera happened to capture the mist and how the shadows of the trees were captured.