Friday, August 8, 2014

Psychic Detectives

     Psychic detectives are controversial because many people do not understand how someone can have psychic abilities, and be able to solve a mystery by using this. After reading about psychic detectives in the lecture I was compelled to look further into it. More specifically, I looked further into the woman who was discussed in the lecture; Noreen Renier.

Her personal official website is:

     At this link, there are many positive reviews about Noreen, and how amazingly accurate she is. It is very easy to get swept away in any type of psychic, especially when all the reviews say how great she is. However, and as we've learned in our lectures, psychics are well trained and have a way of being incredibly vague. I find this interesting because after watching the show "Psychic Detective", it's hard to believe that she was only guessing because it was all very accurate.
     Here's an example: "The body is not far from his house, there's water, rocks, trees..." This seems very specific but if you know the area, or look into what is near that area, and it's all very wooded with a lot of water, then chances are that this would turn out to be pretty accurate. I even find myself falling into the "amazing abilities" of psychics, but after seeing several examples of how any reading can really pertain to any person, I can't see how Noreen can possibly know things about a murder unless she's using vagueness as her accuracy tool. People have a tendency to hear what they want to, and to relate it directly to themselves. This is why psychics have such amazing abilities; because their audience wants them to.

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