Monday, August 11, 2014

Mozart effect

Remember Baby Einstein? Do you know anyone that puts head phones on their pregnant bellies? Or how about parents that encourage "the right kind of music" After a few years of looking through things like findings from the D.A.R.E. program and  listening to farce stories that the news companies didn't even know were harmful, I became a skeptic of SO much, but as a young teen putting in my little brother Baby Einstein video was what was important because it was that or listen to him scream all the time. It wasn't until Later that I realized I could have put on die hard and muted the majorly loud sections and he would have been just as excited ( yes I actually did this haha) Then when my youngest brother from my Father and stepmother was born (estranged side of the family) they had thrived on the idealizations that music would prevent him from having ADHD and Bipolar like my father. This baffled me on how music could change anything. Science itself shows it doesn't do anything but entertain and stimulate, but at the time pseudoscience of the Mozart effect was running through everyone's mind as fact!  I see how it came to be so popular, it was a quick fix. Something that was easily done and completed without major effort. Don't you simply want to hit the easy button?

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