Monday, August 11, 2014

Freshman 15 OH NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Well I would like to discuss a myth that we all heard about, may have experienced, or know someone that has.  It is a term expressed commonly in the United States and Canada that talks about how people gain 15 lbs or more during their first year of school.  The reason behind this is supposedly because of the increase consuming of fat and carbohydrate-rich cafeteria food and increase of eating from fast food chains.  Well why not fast, easy, and saves us time to focus on school.  The lack of sleep is also another reason for this weight gain because lack of sleep increases leptin level in the body.  Malnutrition, stress, and decreased amounts of exercise.  All this is from studies done by many universities and colleges.

None I personally have been effected by this terrible affliction, what did I change from before I would say nothing.  I lived my life the same well with less sleep though.  Is this something that is meant to happen to all freshman entering college or something we can avoid.

Ohio State University also did a studied that studied the average college freshman gains only 2-3 lbs in their 1st year.  This studied they suggested that they gain about the same amount of weight as non-college students of the same age and that the only possible factor is drinking.  Well I am 38 years old and I started drinking at the age of 18 when I first joined the Marines and I did not gain any weight.  So what is the real reason behind this strange and possible weight gain.

How many of us experienced a moment like that.

So if we think about it can we avoid this, well studies and scientist say yes.  If we take care of our bodies, eat right, and get plenty of sleep we can.  I find that hard to believe because I met several individuals that eat fast food, drink a lot, and talk about how they don't sleep and they have not gained a single pound (lucky them).

I truly believe this falls delusion and falsehood.  I believe this is something we can control or can we.  I didnt change anything in my lifestyle and I gained weight rapidly so is there some kind of curse out there?? I probably will never know but this I like is something we all can be effected by.

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  1. Hi I hope to loose 15lbs just from walking to and from my classes. Definitely going to try and bring my own lunch since I am a commuter.